WordPress as a CMS and a blog

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WordPress.org is a Content Management System (CMS) empowering a big chunk of the websites in The Internet. It originally was focused on the creation of blogs. Nowadays it can be used to make websites of all sizes and flavors: from the typical five-pager website to photo galleries, forums, social networks and, of course, blogs. And much more. It is possible to completely customize a WordPress installation to fit all your needs, provided you learn the necessary skills or hire a WordPress developer.

You may not need to know any HTML, CSS or PHP at all though it may show useful. You can install WordPress easily by uploading the software to your publishing directory in your web server and connecting it to a MySQL database. But you can also install it with the Softaculous Script Installer in only a bunch of clicks. You only need to:

  1. login to your control panel
  2. click in Softaculous – Script Installer in Software and Services section
  3. select the destination domain or subdomain and click Continue
  4. in the next Softaculous screen, select WordPress. If WordPress doesn’t show up, just pick the Blog category in the left side bar or just use the Search Bar at the top left corner. Then click the WordPress icon and click in Install now button at the bottom
    scripts installer
  5. you are now logged into Softaculous (your username should appear at the top right corner)
  6. select the destination folder and click Complete install -but we suggest you DO NOT CHANGE this destination field unless you are confident on your WordPress skills
  7. finally you will see your WordPress administration information -remember that you should avoid taking the username admin

Observe that if you select a different destination directory to install your WordPress, please don’t create the directory beforehand. This folder should not exist prior to installation.

You will find instructions to change the installation directory after performing the installation in WordPress Codex.

One last recommendation. Please update your WordPress regularly to keep up with the latest improvements.

Attention: WordPress.com and WordPress.org are two different things. WordPress.com is the company providing managed hosting while WordPress.org is the software that you can use to host a blog or site in your web server. If you feel that the WordPress.org software is too difficult to handle you should then try the WordPress.com service.