Latest upgrades, improvements in free hosting: PHP changer

Sorry for the delay because we know this was really needed and asked for many times. PHP changer and upgrade to 5.6. Please ensure your website loads correctly with the current PHP versions.

But what if… what if your website is not loading with these newest PHP versions? Well, the developers have secretly created a new FREE TOOL, the PHP CHANGER:

  • You can change to an outdated PHP version if your website is not ready to upgrade: 5.4
  • You can compare which one of the current versions works best for your website: 5.5 and 5.6
  • You can also try the newest PHP version: 7.x

This tool was already in use in premium hosting. From now on, it is also available to all free hosting accounts. This tool allows you to try your Web App with different PHP versions including version 7. This means you can future proof your web projects and start developing with next-gen PHP coding practices.

From here we want to say thanks to our Development Team and our Technical Staff. All of them have been working really hard to make this tool a reality. Thank you very much.