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This section contains Getting Started, Account Settings, Change Password, Update Contact Email, Change Language, Upgrade Plans and Premium Invoices. It provides access to the basic information of your free hosting account
preferences section

Getting Started

The Getting Started section is a quick guide showing some ideas for beginners.

  1. login to your control panel
  2. click in Getting Started (image 2)
  3. Here you can read a simple explanation of how you can use your resources. It starts with HTML and you can follow a few of the links to HTML tutorials provided in this article. You will need to use a text editor for code changes -DO NOT USE WORD, DO NOT USE WORDPAD- or other web editors. You may choose to make websites with PHP and MySQL. You can install a variety of CMS. Click the links provided in the Getting Started guide for more information in each subject
    getting started guide

Account Settings

The Account Settings section shows your FTP and MySQL username and host name, the Name Servers for your domains and PHP settings.

  1. login to your control panel
  2. click in Account Settings (image 4)
  3. Here you will see your FTP username, FTP host name, MySQL username, MySQL host name, Name Servers for addon and parked domains, and some PHP settings such as Safe mode Off, cURL Enabled, Fsocket functions Enabled, Register globals Off, PHP version 5.x, Mod_rewrite and .htaccess Enabled, Ioncube and Zend Enabled, GD Library Enabled, ImageMagik Off
    account settings

Change Password

Make sure you have a strong and unique password. It may take a few minutes for your new password to be propagated. Do not forget to logout and close all windows after changing your password.

  1. login to your control panel
  2. click in Change Password (image 6)
  3. type your new password in both boxes
    change password form
  4. click in Change Password button

Important: if your are using a database in your website, you will need to change the configuration file of your CMS.

Update Contact Email

Ensure you have a valid contact e-mail and keep it updated for it is the only way to reset your password should you lose it.

  1. login to your control panel
  2. click in Update Contact E-mail (image 8)
  3. type in your new email address in both boxes
    update contact email address form
  4. click in Change button

Change Language

This section tells you what you need to do to change the control panel language.

  1. login to your control panel
  2. click in Change Language (image 10)
  3. here you can read what you need to do to change the control panel language
    to change language please logout

You need to choose your preferred language, just before logging in!

  1. log out of control panel, top right corner button
  2. go to the log in form
  3. click the drop down menu at the bottom of the login form
    change language
  4. select your language from the drop menu
    language menu
  5. type in your username and password
  6. click in Login button

Upgrade Plans

This section allows you to compare and select a premium hosting plan to upgrade your account to.

  1. login to your control panel
  2. click in Upgrade Plans (image 14)
  3. compare and choose a premium hosting to upgrade, select to pay monthly or pay yearly, choose a domain or, if you already own a domain, just click I do not want a free domain at the end
    upgrade plans