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Here you can find more resources, more tutorials, the Getting Started guide, domain tools, network tools, the php_info document and your Account Settings
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To find more tutorials from iFastNet’s Knowledge Base just click in Tutorials (image 2)

Getting Started

To read a quick guide that shows a few ideas and more links to useful tutorials for beginners click in Getting Started (image 3)

Domain Types

This is a quick guide that explains what an Addon Domain is as well as a SubDomain and a Parked Domain and the differences between them.

Read the Domain Types tutorial:

  1. login to your control panel
  2. click in Domain Types (image 4)
  3. read the tutorial in the next screen
    domain types

Network Tools

This network tools will help you find domain information and IP settings and locations.

How to use the Network Tools:

  1. login to your control panel
  2. click in Network Tools (image 6)
  3. insert IPs and or domains to query
    network tools

General PHP Info

Here you can find the general output of php_info

Where can I read the PHP information:

  1. login to your control panel
  2. click in General PHP Info (image 9)
  3. you’ll be shown the General PHP Info
    general php info
  4. it’s a really long page so we won’t show it here

Account Settings

The Account Settings section shows your username, web URL, domains and database and FTP information (image 9)


Here we show you how to take backups. You should normally use your FTP client of choice (image 9)