Control panel dashboard

Guidance and instructions on the free hosting control panel usage and administration. A collection of tutorials, how-tos, tips and tricks for the free hosting accounts.

This is a small tutorial on how to use your control panel. It is a very easy to use control panel. You will get used to it really soon and you will no longer need these instructions. Until then, we hope this easy how-tos will help you. If you have any question or doubt, contact us by creating a NEW ticket inside your control panel. Obviously, to create a NEW ticket and follow these tutorials and how-tos you need first to sign up for a free hosting account. After that, you can access your control panel.

How to log in to your control panel

First you have to have a free hosting account, so sign up now.

After signing up you first get an activation email. It will contain a validation link. Click the link or copy and paste it into your browser’s address bar.

You will receive a second email. This is a welcome email and it contains your username, password and other account info. Your username looks like mipc_1234567890. Go to
control panel login form

Now type:

  1. your username
  2. your password
  3. the captcha question, when required
  4. click in Login button

From that moment on you will be able to start managing your free hosting account.

What to do if you lose your password

To get yourself a new password, go to or go to your and see that under the language selector there is link you can use and click if you lose your password
lost password link

You need to provide the email you originally signed up with.

Control Panel

Your control panel has the following sections

  • Left Column menu: Announcement, Find, Stats, Account Details, Server Information
  • Preferences: Getting Started, Change Password, Update Contact Email, Change Language, Upgrade Plans, Premium Invoices
  • Domains: SubDomains, Addon Domains, Parked Domains, Redirects, Get a free domain
  • Email: MX Records, SPF Records, Email Accounts, Email Forwarders, Login to Webmail
  • Databases: MySQL Databases, phpMyAdmin, Remote MySQL
  • Logs: Error Logs, Access Logs
  • Files: Backups, Online File Manager, Disk Space Usage, FTP Accounts, Free FTP Software
  • Security: SSL/TLS Manager
  • DNS: CNAME Records, MX Records, SPF Records, Redirects
  • Software and Services: Cron Jobs, PHP Config, Deny IP Manager, Error Pages, Password Protection, Account Statistics, Softaculous, Site Builder, Sell Online, CloudFlare
  • Help and Tutorials: Tutorials, Getting Started, Domain Types, Network Tools, General PHP Info, Account Settings, Backups
  • Support Tickets: Create New Ticket, List Open Tickets, List Closed Tickets, Support Forum

And this is how the control panel looks like when logged in
control panel logged in