Validation email not arriving? Open your Spam folder, it is probably there. Check the Junk mail folder too. Mark it as not spam and add the email address to your whitelist. Try with a free Gmail account. You can also try with Yahoo!, Hotmail (MSN-Live-OutLook) or your ISP’s email service. Some email providers are blocking our emails and newsletters. If you want to receive them you should whitelist our domains. If you do not want to continue receiving our sales newsletters you can easily unsubscribe. Find the last link at the bottom of the newsletter and click it to unsubscribe.

How to upload my files to mipropia.com? In order to upload files to mipropia.com you have to use an FTP program (also known as FTP client) with the data you got in the Welcome email. You will need the following configuration details:

  • Hostname (FTP hostname): ftp.mipropia.com
  • Username: mipc_XXXXXXXX
  • Password: yourpassword
  • Port: 21

Additional configuration:

  • Encryption: none
  • Connection name: (use whatever the name you like – here you can write your hostname again)
  • Number of concurrent connections: 1

Traditionally, to upload files from your computer to your server, you have to select the files on your left side panel and move them to the right side panel but each FTP client works in a different way. To get instructions in the use of FTP programs, please refer to the developer website of the FTP client.

List of 5 FTP clients:

Each FTP program has its own License and different Terms of Service and Conditions. Make sure you read all of it.

What’s my MySQL host at mipropia.com? What is my MySQL server address? What’s my MySQL database name? It is NOT in the Welcome email. But you can find this information in your control panel:

  • in the Account Information section
  • in the MySQL Databases section
  • at the bottom of the left side column

Your MySQL hostname should be similar to sqlXXX.mipropia.com where XXX is a three digit figure.

How to change from free hosting to paid hosting? You have 2 options:

  • Login to your control panel and click in the Upgrade button. Select a paid hosting and follow instructions.
  • Visit the paid hosting page where you have links to a brief overview of each one. Follow our links so they know we send you.

If you change to paid hosting you can request a free website migration and they will move your website FOR FREE and configure your domains for the first time. You may have to wait up to 48 hours until payment is validated after going through security checks.

How can I make money with my website? You can join Google Adsense and start showing advertisements -usually text links and images- in your websites. You can also write articles in third party blogs and join AdSense revenue sharing programs that a few blog networks offer.

How can I make my website appear in Google’s results page? You can add your website’s URL to Google by visiting http://www.google.com/addurl and following instructions. But -and this is really important- make sure that your website has unique and original content before submitting your site to Google. We suggest you open a Google Webmasters Tools account and follow its suggestions to the point. The name of this tool has been recently changed to Search Console.

  • To send a sitemap to Google: sign into Search Console, click the site for which you want to manage sitemaps, on the sidebar click Crawl and then Sitemaps, click the Add/Test Sitemap button, enter your sitemap URL, click Submit, click Refresh, it will be added to the list of sitemaps, now click your sitemap in the list to open the Sitemap Details page and investigate any current errors or potential warnings.
  • To test a sitemap: click on a sitemap in the list to open the Sitemap Details page and click Test Sitemap in the upper right corner or click the Add/Test Sitemap button, enter a sitemap URL and click Test. Once the test is completed, click Open Test Results to investigate any issues revealed by the test, correct existing errors and click Resubmit.
  • To delete a sitemap: on the Search Console click your site, click Crawl, then Sitemaps, click the checkbox of the sitemap tou wish to remove and then click Delete selected.

I want to submit my website to more search directories, any suggestion? Yes. Some examples:

  • Bing: Visit http://www.bing.com/toolbox/submit-site-url/ to submit your website. Read the Bing Webmaster Tools Help and How To Center articles. Sign up and log in to Bing Webmasters Tools, then enter your URL in My Site section and click the ADD button. You will have three options to Verify ownership for your URL: the BingSiteAuth.xml file option, the meta tag option and the CNAME record option. Then click the VERIFY button. Don’t forget to add a sitemap. You should wait at least two weeks to check the Reports and Data section. Other features: Verify Bingbot Tool: enter the IP address to check if it is Bingbot, Guidelines for Submitting Sitemaps, Bing XML Sitemap Plugin, Sitemaps.org Compliant XML Sitemaps, Configurable URL Parameter Handling, Link rel=Canonical Handling, Redirect Handling, 404 Handling, Robots.txt Rules Handling, Automatic priority Field Calculation, Configuration Options in config.ini.
  • Pinterest: Log in to your profile and click the Edit Profile button. Enter your Website address and click the Verify Website button. Go to How to verify, copy the meta tag and paste it into your website. To finish just click the Complete Verification button.
  • Yandex: Log in at Yandex Webmaster and click the Add site button. Enter your Website address and click the Add site button. To verify your site click the meta tag label. Include the code in your website to finish verifying it.
  • Yahoo! is currently recommending webmasters to open an account in Bing Webmasters Toolbox to submit your website – Microsoft (Live) account needed
  • Ask: Visit their website and search How to submit a site to ASK. You will find the following answer: ASK is not allowing website submissions at this moment. But to make sure your site appears in ASK, you should add in your website a command to the robots.txt file specifying auto find of the full URL path to your XML site-map file. It usually takes up to two months for pages to be indexed.

How to get included in our directory?. Sign in to your control panel, create a NEW ticket and tell us your website address with a brief description. Sign up now! because you need to have a Free Hosting account with us to do this. You can also leave comments in our Support and Contact page signing with your website address -only if you have the website hosted with us, of course- like http://vtecweb.mipropia.com, http://subdomain.mipropia.com, http://yoursubdomain.mipropia.com or a full domain name -example.com. This is not an instant submission and it can take us some time to add your site in the list. Be patient, please.