Script installer: web software installed fast

You may want to install a web site manager program. It will help you keeping your web content organized in a coherent way. This usually consist on:

  • (1) uploading with your FTP client the files of your web software -or script-, which can take some time, 20 or maybe 30 minutes,
  • (2) creating a MySQL database, less than 1 minute, and
  • (3) manually changing the configuration file to connect your database with your web site, about 2 minutes -this involves modifying one specific configuration file with a text editor.

Manual installation can take 30 minutes on average.

But if you don’t have a broadband connection or manual installation is beyond your reach, then you can use the script installer to have a web site, a forum board or an e-commerce site in less than two minutes. How to do it?

  • Sign in to your control panel and click in Script Installer.
  • Select the destination domain or subdomain: this is the web where you want to install the software to. And click in Proceed.
  • Select the web site manager software you want to install – you will be able to choose one out of the following programs: BigAce 2.6, B2evolution 4.1.5, Concrete5 5.6, CubeCart 5.2.22, DotProject 2.1.8, Drupal 7.26, Elgg, FAQMasterFlex 1.2, GeekLog 1.8.1, H.H.G. multistore CE 4.3.8900, Joomla 2.5.11, Joomla 3.2.3, Kajone 4.3, Modx-revolution 2.2.10, Moodle 2.6.1, Mybb 1.6.2, OpenCart 1.5.6, osCommerce 2.6.1, phpBB 3.0.11, Pivot 1.40.5, Piwik 2.0.3, Pligg 1.1.4, SMF 2.0.6, TextPatern 4.2.0, TikiWiki Groupware 3.8, Tiny CMS 1.4, Typo3 6.1.7, VanillaForums, Web Auction 0.3.10, WordPress 3.8.1 and Zen Cart 1.5.1. In this example we will choose to install WordPress. Scroll down a bit and click in Install Now button.
  • Select the destination directory of your script. Leave the / slash there. Do not touch the Destination Folder field for now. And click in Complete Install.
  • Write down your access data. You will need this to login to your web site software.

Automated installation can take 2 minutes or less. This is much faster, see?

Now you can visit your web site address, login to your software and start managing your web site. Write articles, upload pictures, add links or news. Whatever you want.

If you experience problems using the software you installed, visit the creator’s web site. Also, try to keep your blog software (or forum or e-commerce or any other) updated. Update it as soon as you can. And do not forget to take back-ups of both your files and your databases.

You can make three automated installations per day, so you can start over in case you made a mistake with the script installer.