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VPS Hosting -you can pay monthly. Featuring FULL ROOT access so you can easily install and customize your VPS with applications, game servers, Teamspeak, Ventrilo and much more!

These VPS Hosting offers are routed through our partner portal at iFastNet.com – SecureSignup.net and you can pay monthly with PayPal.


VPS – Virtual Private Server monthly prices
Economy Basic Entry Standard Ultra Ultimate
Price$9.99 p/m$19.99 p/m$29.99 p/m$42.99 p/m$55.99 p/m$65.99 p/m
Setup FeeNoneNoneNoneNoneNoneNone
Disk Space30 GB40 GB50 GB80 GB120 GB250 GB
Guaranteed RAM512 MB756 MB1024 MB1256 MB1512 MB1756 MB
Burstable RAM+256 MB+256 MB+256 MB+256 MB+256 MB+256 MB
Burstable RAM (Inc. Guaranteed RAM)756 MB1024 MB1256 MB1512 MB1756 MB2048 MB
per month
125 GB200 GB300 GB400 GB600 GB1000 GB
IP Address111111
Features included
in all VPS
CPU type: Xeon E5645 24x Core.
Full Root Access.
OpenVZ Technology.
Operating System: Debian/Centos/Ubuntu (*more available).
Host uplink: 100MB/s.
Linux kernel: 2.6.32+
Technical Features: Dedicated 24 CPU Core Servers, 24/7 free Technical Support, 1 Dedicated IP Address, free SFTP Server, free SSH Access, free choice of Linux OS.
Installed Software: Webmin Control Panel, PHP, PHP-FPM, MySQL, Apache, FFmpeg, Lame, Libogg, Libvorbis, FLVtool2, Mplayer, Mencoder, AMR, Debian 7 OS
Coding: PHP 5 and 7 installed, CLI Access, Perl, Python, bash support, PHPMyAdmin, Remote MySQL, Cronjob Scripting, Mime Types
Advantages: Dedicated Resources (RAM, CPU, Disk Space), Burstable Ram for the peak hours of your site, possibility to Upgrade and Downgrade on-the-fly, Contained environment, free migration from Premium Hosting to VPS.
Price$9.99 p/m$19.99 p/m$29.99 p/m$42.99 p/m$55.99 p/m$65.99 p/m


These prices don’t include taxes. Taxes may vary depending on your location.