Paid Plans

There’s a tough competition out there in The Internet among several thousand paid web hosting providers to choose from. The problem is that most of them announce their prices as a monthly amount but when you buy it… they charge you for a whole year!

Here we recommend one of the best providers:, formerly, and they truly accept monthly quotas to pay your web hosting. In you will find affordable prices and their SSD web hosting options are perfect for those of you that need enhanced features (bigger disk space, more data transfer for traffic, more CPU-RAM resources for hungry web sites, for example). But let’s show you their web hosting offers for it is what you’re here for:

Why paid hosting instead of free hosting? What are the benefits of upgrading from free hosting to premium paid hosting?

  • Free hosting is perfect to kickstart your first website but has limited resources that can suspend your account for 24 hours. Premium hosting has more resources available and cPanel for your hosting management.
  • In free hosting there’s a hits per day limit, currently 50,000. In paid hosting there’s no hits limit.
  • In free hosting there’s a SQL load limit per hour. In paid hosting the limit is higher, depending on the hosting you buy. The better your premium hosting is, the more resources you have.
  • If you run a free hosted WordPress, or Joomla!, or Drupal, you may reach these limits frequently. Especially if you install a lot of plugins. In such a case you should either upgrade to premium hosting or uninstall as many plugins as you can.
  • In free hosting you have to optimise your scripts and reduce usage as much as you can. Upgrade to premium hosting so you can better focus on your development efforts.
  • If your free website becomes too popular you will have to convert it to HTML, eliminate scripts, reduce the number of images per page, restrict access to your website with the IP Deny manager in control panel. If you upgrade to premium hosting, you can avoid these problems and forget about free hosting nightmares.
  • All Premium hosting accounts offer now FREE SSL with the Let’s Encrypt initiative. If you already have premium hosting this is active on your account now.
  • Other benefits: NO file size limit, fastest SSDs for file and database storage, HTTP2 enabled servers with upto 4 times faster page load, enhanced security including Site Lock and Web App Firewall that stops malicious bots and agents, latest cPanel with the Paper Lantern theme… and lots of extra features.

Free migration from free hosting to premium hosting after upgrade: please create a new support ticket and specify your invoice number and your free hosting username so we can migrate you to premium.

The best thing of monthly payments is that you spend less money and you can leave easily or stop the payments when you are done with your project. In fact, most of internet projects have a very short duration, from 3 to 6 months.

Many of our users are young entrepreneurs with really good projects. Most of these projects follow a 20-week plan or even shorter. Many of the projects are beta-tested in the free hosting environment and look for Business Validation in the paid hosting environment. Some of them don’t even try the shared hosting and go directly to VPS so they can try the real enchilada. Later, during finals, exams or summer they stop the subscriptions. This way they save up to 25% on the annualised cost of the project. We suggest all of our users to follow the aforementioned practice from the young entrepreneurs and subscribe only to monthly paid plans.