New control panel CPANELX3

We have added a new control panel interface: CPANELX3. You can preview a screenshot image below these words.
cpanelx3 image
It has several new features and in a few days we will make it the default control panel.

For now, the default control panel is VISTAPANEL. ATTENTION: Now, the default control panel is CPANELX3. But if you want to continue with the old control panel VISTAPANEL, choose VISTAPANEL instead of CPANELX3 in the drop down menu just by the Log in button when you access to control panel, as shown in the following image:
choose control panel

If you find any problem with CPANELX3, please fill in a support ticket describing any error and giving as much details as you can.

This new control panel will make your migration to a Paid Hosting from much easier for you because it is a very similar panel to the paid hosting one.