New anti-bot protection: Checking Browser message

If you are watching a Checking Browser message that’s because we recently added a new security mechanism that will protect free hosted websites from malicious bots, spiders and spammers. This measure will make your free website load faster, help to reduce data transfer and improve general performance on free hosting services.

You may not see it in action because many browsers are actively hiding URLS, but if you inspect the URL toolbar when you visit a free website for the first time, the URL will look like:

It occurs just once in the first visit and you need to enable JavaScript in your browser besides accepting cookies.

This has the potential to affect forms in your WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, etc. If this protection system is breaking your forms in some way, please generate a new ticket so we can investigate further.

You may suggest your visitors to write their posts, comments or articles in notepad, textedit or another text editor software on their computers or devices. After that they can copy and paste the posts, comments or articles into your forms. This way, your users can resubmit their posts, comments or articles without having to rewrite again.