No ads

We offer free hosting with no ads, no banners, no pop-ups, no embedded footer links, no reciprocal link

Q: Do you really offer free hosting without ads?
A: Yes, we really offer free hosting without forcing ads into your web pages.

Q: Can I put my ads in my website?
A: Yes, our free hosting also allows you to insert your own ads. But for this you will surely need your own domain name. Ad Networks, Affiliation Programs and/or Banner Exchanges may not accept your application if you are using a subdomain or a free domain or a very young domain.

Q: Why am I sometimes getting redirected to
A: That’s because you haven’t set your Error Documents and you can get rid of that by placing your own HTACCESS file. Please create a ticket in control panel and we’ll help you create one.

Q: Why am I receiving an email with an ad for premium hosting?
A: That’s our newsletter in which we announce our most recent upgrades. We also promote our hosting partner in this newsletter. We sometimes announce discount codes too.

Q: What can I do if I don’t want these newsletters?
A: You can unsubscribe. Go to your first newsletter or the latest one and click the Unsubscribe link at the bottom the email.

Q: After I unsubscribe, will I lose the discounts IF I upgrade to premium hosting?
A: If you did unsubscribe, upgrade your free hosting to premium hosting whenever you wish from your control panel. To apply a discount just make sure to visit our promo codes page. You should insert the discount code after you select and confirm your product, step 4, just before checkout. Discounts are valid only for your first order and taxes may vary depending on your region.

Q: I see ads in the control panel portal, can I get rid of that?
A: You may see ads in the control panel – – and we may take those out at our own discretion. If you are seeing ads in your own CMS’ dashboard (WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, etc), we are not putting those ads there. Please inspect thoroughly your plugins, modules, themes, templates, etc.

Q: I have a domain and a modest WordPress blog. How can I put my own ads?
A: (1) You can insert your ad code into a WordPress child theme. You have to do it in a child theme, otherwise you will lose all your changes every time you update your theme. (2) You can use a WordPress plugin but you have to make sure it doesn’t decrease your website performance. Many ad networks have plugins for their ads, for example Adsense for WordPress plugin.

Q: Why are Ad Networks not accepting my website?
A: Your website may be too young and may have little or not new content at all. Your articles and pages should be at least 500 words long. Your domain should be older than one year. Your website must be finished and must contain no broken links or non functional Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube usernames.

Q: What can I do if Ad Networks are not accepting my website?
A: (1) You need to create original content. (2) You need a paid domain name, with legitimate traffic. (3) You should upgrade to premium hosting; otherwise, optimise your free hosted website as much as you can.

Q: Is there any other thing I can do while waiting till Ad Networks approve my site?
A: You may be able to exchange banners and/or links with other webmasters. Be careful with this practice and consider the usage of a REL=NOFOLLLOW links.