All domains have been deleted from Google search engine

All links to domains have been deleted (deindexed) from well known Google Inc. search engine results. You can read more about this decision in these links: Why all have been deindexed? and This is General Manager from CO.CC. why you deindex

You may need to change your domains to another provider. But this decision may possibly be applied in the future to other domains considered free hosts.

After the ban on domains, several users are complaining and suggesting to stop using Google products. But a lot of users are backing this measure (see forum linked in the first paragraph). Estimates say there are almost 12 million domains and more than 4 million users. Supposing that 50 per cent of that user base was bad with 6 million low quality domains, there’s a remaining 2 million users with 6 million domains unsatisfied with this decision. And supposing that each of these users stop using Google in favor of Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, Blekko, Bing and others, it’ll continue being a tiny fraction of the search engine pie.

From our point of view (and as long as it doesn’t affect us) this decision is not necessarily bad because Google’s results will increase quality wise and, in the other hand, new search companies could start to emerge focusing in affected domains. This fact would increase competition in search engine market in the long term.

The solution: buy a .com, .net, .org and similar domains in or your preferred registrar.


  • At the end of 2011 .CO.CC domains where back to Google search results.
  • At the end of 2012 all .CO.CC domains where finally shut down and not resolving (page/domain not found).